Where Does This Way Lead To? Unknown?, 2016-2017 (Temporarily suspended)

                                                                        Zhuanxu Xu, Filter, 2017, video, 23’39”

During the period of the agricultural society where communications, information and media were underdeveloped, slogans were widely used as tools for propaganda, especially during some social movements. (e.g. Dazibao, namely, Big-Character Poster, one of the most popular propaganda tools in the Cultural Revolution in China) The slogans not only serve as a propaganda approach but reveal a deterring and prohibiting effect as well. One aspect, they can be used to advocate and promote a policy statement or value; on the other hand, they can be used to oppose and forbid certain behaviours and ideas. Specifically, they are extensively applied in promoting the various tasks of the Party and the government, targeting to publicise the ideological guidelines and policy of the Party, as well as the concepts and designs of organisations. Apparently, the slogans majorly reflect the dominant values and policy views of the public powers.